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It is very important that you have a skilled attorney represent you at your contested unemployment compensation hearing. A good lawyer will prepare you, will develop the hearing strategy, will be present to challenge the employer’s witnesses, will guide the questioning in support of your claim, and will make the legal and factual arguments to the Unemployment Compensation Referee who will make the crucial decision. Your benefits may be your life-line for months to come in an uncertain economy. You NEED the benefits to which you are entitled.  You certainly don't want to be left footing the bill for a "fault overpayment" or even made responsible to pay back a "non-fault overpayment" of benefits you have already received.  You need a thoughtful and aggressive Pennsylvania unemployment attorney to help you secure your rights.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pennsyvlania Unemployment - Frequently Asked Questions:

I was terminated from my employment,  can I collect benefits?

I quit or left my job voluntarily, but for a very good reason.  Can I collect unemployment?

Am I entitled to unemployment after a layoff or job elimination?

My unemployment claim is being contested by the employer.  What can I do?

My separation from employment happened after a work-related injury.  Should I collect unemployment benefits or pursue my workers' compensation claim?

What happens at the unemployment compensation hearing?

How do I prepare for my unemployment compensation hearing?

Do I need a lawyer for an unemployment compensation claim?

How do I Pay for an Attorney to Help Me With My Claim?

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